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How Much Are Robin Jeans?

As if there are not enough jeans in the sea, one designer dared to dive into the world of denim. While some thought it too much of a risk, Robin Chretien went with it, creating jeans that were far from anything the industry had seen. His bold moves paid off, turning his name into one […]

What Color Purse Goes With Everything

Not all purse colors match our clothing, so many women buy a lot of bags to have different options on hand. However, not everyone can afford to buy 10 purses for different occasions. It is possible to find colors of purses that favor us and it is possible to use them with different looks depending […]

What is A Moto Jacket?

You might not think that gals from the fashion capitals of the world have a lot in common, but they do. It’s the moto jacket, the one thing that every trendy girl owns. Adding one of these added to your wardrobe adds an instant touch of style, helping you create chic bad gal vibes with […]

How to Wear a Choker?

Chokers are necklace-like accessories that women wear around their necks. Women wear them with casuals, and even formal. Although, few people know these chokers came from history. Many historians and expert artisans believe that in ancient Egypt, people wore chokers often. Even in the paintings and scriptures of Egypt, one can see it around their […]

What is a Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings tend to be oversized with diamonds, or colored gemstones. Some believe that the cocktail rings must have a large or semi-precious gemstone of three or four carats. Others have included rings that offer a large, unique design, regardless of the size of the center stone. Everyone agrees, however, that cocktail rings are special […]

Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce Shipping and Fulfillment

Ecommerce shipping and fulfillment is one of the greatest obstacles for eCommerce websites today. Any business that wants to deliver its product needs a good shipment service that can ensure that the packer will safely reach the given address on time. It is still a major issue in the market solving which can provide an […]