How to Wear a Choker?

Chokers are necklace-like accessories that women wear around their necks. Women wear them with casuals, and even formal. Although, few people know these chokers came from history. Many historians and expert artisans believe that in ancient Egypt, people wore chokers often. Even in the paintings and scriptures of Egypt, one can see it around their necks. Gradually, it started becoming a common accessory for women. Queen Alexandra was often pictured while wearing a choker. Several dancers and women of the top class wore chokers as a symbol of fashion.

As time went by, chokers witnessed many experiments. People started fitting gems inside of them. There were also chokers available of different sizes, materials, and colors. Although it might seem that they hurt the neck, it does not. This is because of the material and fit. If you wear a choker that is way below the size of your neck, you are bound to feel suffocated. Hence, it is recommended that you choose a lighter fabric or material and wear one that is of your size.

Loose-fitting chokers are also seen as a replacement for heavy necklaces and ornaments. In modern times, women often wear them with party gowns and dresses. Let us now see how can one wear a choker.

How to Wear a Choker?

The first step includes getting a choker that fits you. For chokers, you can get any material you like. Comfort should be your priority. If a choker feels comfortable, it is right for you. If you dislike wearing hard chokers, you can get a ribbon one as well. There are plenty of ribbon chokers in the market that also have engraving on them. These engravings look beautiful and are also easier to wear.

The next step is to find the size of your neck. You can visit a professional tailor and get it done. They would measure your neck and give you the number. Next, you need to visit the clothing and accessories store to get a choker of the same size. Not only the size but also the length of your choker matters. If you buy one that is very wide, it could ruin the look. Go for medium or small-sized chokers and keep them simple.

Next, you need to figure out the color combination. For instance, you can choose to wear a monochrome outfit and get a choker accordingly. Or, you can choose to showcase contrast by wearing different colored clothes and chokers. Chokers usually have a hook, clasp, or knot at the back. If you are looking for more comfort, go for the knot one. This is because you can make it tighter or loosen it easily by extending the knot.

The chokers with hooks are easier to open, but might also be a terrible choice if they open suddenly. It could fall anywhere. To wear it, you need to first fit it around your neck and then tie or hook it from behind. Take help from someone if you cannot find the right way to close it. Once you have worn it, check if it feels tight or too loose. You can try putting your little finger between it. Now that you have worn it, you can experiment further by adding chains or necklaces along with it on your neck.

How to Wear a Choker?