How Much Are Robin Jeans?

As if there are not enough jeans in the sea, one designer dared to dive into the world of denim. While some thought it too much of a risk, Robin Chretien went with it, creating jeans that were far from anything the industry had seen. His bold moves paid off, turning his name into one of the most recognized in LA.


What Are Robin Jeans?

They’ve made their way onto some of the hottest celebrities and have even made their way into lyrics. These jeans are super stylish and feature several designs that catch the eye. Started back in 2005, the designer looked to classic films and landscapes for inspiration. The result was a number of unique washes and designs, some of them blinging out, torn, and sewn with patches.

While born in LA, the designer is originally from France, moving to the US-style capital before creating his masterpiece. His idea was to create a label with clothing made in the US and included materials from the US. He did just that, taking time to choose materials and working on designs.


How Much Are They?

One of the things about these jeans that makes them more appealing is the price tag. When you purchase a pair of Robin’s jeans, you’re getting a unique design that you won’t find anywhere. On top of that, they are made, manufactured, and sold in the US, backed by quality and care. When you slip on a pair, you feel instantly stylish, pairing them with a white tee, leather jacket, or even something edgier. A pair of Robin’s jeans will run you anywhere from $299 to $990. The price tag comes from the quality materials and trendy designs that have customers wanting more.


Most Wanted Styles

Some of the most-wanted styles of Robin’s jeans are regular denim with a slim fit. The Marylyn Skinny is one of the best-made and best-fitting jeans for women. Torn and ripped jeans and shorts are also big sellers that you’ll find on the streets to the runway. As far as a good pair of men’s jeans, it’s the biker style that gets the most attention. You can find much more than jeans from Robin, with belts, jackets, shirts, and hoodies on the menu too.


Where to Find Robin’s Jeans

When you’re ready for your first pair, you have a few options. If you’re not in the streets of LA, you can take to the web and find your pair of jeans. Though they’re pretty widely available, beware of knock-offs and copycat websites that advertise the jeans for unbelievable prices. Just like any other purchase, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The best and safest way to get your Robin’s jeans online is to order from the official website.

To get with the times and upgrade your closet full of plain blues, go for some Robins. You’ll love the feel and rock the look, making them one of your favorite pairs of jeans that you’ll want to wear over and over again.

How Much Are Robin Jeans?