What is A Moto Jacket?

You might not think that gals from the fashion capitals of the world have a lot in common, but they do. It’s the moto jacket, the one thing that every trendy girl owns. Adding one of these added to your wardrobe adds an instant touch of style, helping you create chic bad gal vibes with every outfit under the sun.


What’s a Moto Jacket?

A moto jacket is a leather jacket with zippers and buttons in all the right places. They are versatile in their style, some of the super fancy and some more modest. You can find them with spikes, colors, chains, patches; you name it. Their versatility and instant style upgrade are the reasons why they’ve been on the map for years and why they will stay there. To rock a jacket like the top fashionistas, try out these chic combos.

  1. Good Girl Gone Bad

There is nothing that creates quite the contrast as goodie two shoe style with a moto jacket. To try this style out, go for a pleated pink midi skirt, metallic heels, and throw on your moto jacket on top for the perfect mix of good girl gone bad.

  1. The Cape

Who says you have to put your arms through a jacket? Fashionistas from across the globe rock this style, draping the moto jacket over their shoulders and taking off for an evening stroll. For this look, throw on a pair of your favorite skinnies and a plain white tee for a minimalist style.

  1. Layer it Up

Layers are always in, especially for gals that are constantly out on the town. For a chill and laid-back look with a moto jacket, throw a hoodie on underneath. Pair this chill look with loose-fitting straight jeans and a combat boot for an instant, effortless flair.

  1. Special Occasion with Oomph

Just because you’re going to a special event doesn’t mean you have to look girly. Pairing a fancy cocktail dress with a leather jacket is a super stylish way to play up your evening, giving a touch of punk to your pretty. Who says you can’t have it all?

  1. Festival Fun

No matter what look you’re going for at your next festival, a moto jacket will be the perfect companion. Pairing this with a fringy dress, boho chic crochet crop, or a long skirt adds a touch of texture. Plus, what’s a better way to prepare for splashes and spills typical of festival fun?


If You Don’t Have One, Get One!

If you don’t have a moto jacket, we’re not sure what you’re doing with your life! Adding one to your wardrobe can help you create chic styles with little to no effort, paring with everything you have in your closet. If you want to add some bad-girl vibes to your sweet style, throw on a moto jacket, trying one of our five suggestions. We promise you won’t regret it, wondering how you ever got by without it.

What is A Moto Jacket?