What is a Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings tend to be oversized with diamonds, or colored gemstones. Some believe that the cocktail rings must have a large or semi-precious gemstone of three or four carats. Others have included rings that offer a large, unique design, regardless of the size of the center stone. Everyone agrees, however, that cocktail rings are special and don’t go unnoticed.


Why are These Big and Spectacular Rings Called Cocktail Rings?

Although oversized rings existed long before the 1920s, it is generally said that during prohibition in the US, women often wore these rings at “illegal cocktails”, flaunting the fact that they were drinking illegally but, with style.

Although cocktails are less common now, many people still wear a cocktail ring with large precious or semi-precious gemstones for formal occasions or even as part of a casual outfit.

Given the history of the accessory, you can wear these rings in cocktails, but we also believe that this jewel does not have to be exclusively for special occasions. Finally, we can say that the cocktail ring looks great with turtleneck sweaters and jeans while drinking happy hour beer, as with party dresses.


The Cocktail Ring Today

During the 1940s and 1950s, his popularity continued. It was used in gatherings to drink Cosmopolitans and, although now this type of meeting is not so common, these jewels have lasted until today, becoming essential in the women jewelry box.

Today, designers use a multitude of materials to decorate these very special rings: plastic, crystals, natural stones, enamels, etc. At the end of the day, it’s all about elegantly attracting attention. These rings became a symbol of rebellion, freedom, and disobedience.

Hollywood celebrities and singers have been seen wearing these rings at important moments like the red carpet. On the other hand, women in the business world also use it and combine it perfectly with belts, shoes, scarves, dresses, etc.


In Which Hand is The Cocktail Ring Used?

Because this ring is symbolic, it is worn on the right hand so as not to be confused with the engagement or wedding ring, although cocktail rings tend to be larger than other rings, it is worn with the bare hand, that is, In that hand, there should be no other rings since this should be the only one to attract all the attention.

On the other hand, due to their size, these rings are not usually worn every day, they are only part of the outfit in special moments. However, we cannot deny that there are people who have a lifestyle where the daily use of this ring is completely normal.

The cocktail rings are very beautiful, elegant and you will find them in different colors, materials, and even extra-large. If you are thinking of buying one, get advice from a trusted jeweler who knows how to identify the materials since today, some jewels are not real and are sold at very high prices when they are made of low-quality materials but at a naked eye, they look real stones.

What is a Cocktail Ring