Food Truck Sales Trends in the Industry | 2023 Update

Food Truck Industry Growth

The food truck scene in the U.S. is taking off, showing strong signs for 2023. With more than 36,000 food trucks rolling all over—a 10% jump from the year before—the industry is growing fast. This growth is fueled by its appeal to young people, with over 40% of customers under 45. Factors like smart locations, tight budgeting, and good hiring help food trucks succeed.

Being able to pick from many food types is what makes food trucks so popular. Mexican food is at the top, with booming Italian dishes not far behind. Experts predict the food truck market will reach beyond $2 billion by 2030, growing at 6.4% each year. These numbers show there’s room for new faces, with no one company dominating the scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Steady growth with an average increase of 9.9% annually from 2018 to 2023.
  • Strong market potential with projected revenue exceeding $2 billion by 2030.
  • A significant proportion, over 40%, of food truck customers are younger than 45 years.
  • Diverse cuisine options with Mexican and Italian cuisines leading in popularity.
  • The industry’s market structure allows new entrants fair chances of success.
  • Predicted growth rates for 2023 range between 3% and 5%.

Industry Growth and Consumer Preferences

Food trucks are getting more popular because they match what people want now. About 40% of us are going to food trucks more often. This is because they are easy to find and we enjoy eating out with friends there.

Food trucks offer a wide range of foods to try. About 36% of folks go to them to taste something new. This shows how important fresh and different food is for the food truck world.

  • Consumer Preferences: Even though many love food trucks, some still haven’t tried them. This means there’s a big chance to attract new customers, especially those above 35. Using online ads and special deals for first-timers could help.
  • Challenges and Adaptations: Prices for food and staff keep going up. To stay afloat, some food trucks use frozen foods to save money. This also makes the cooking process simpler.

Customers care a lot about the food being fresh and tasty. They also want their orders to be right and safe to eat. Keeping the place clean and serving food that’s just been prepared is key. More young people order using apps, so food trucks need to get on board with this trend.

Also, how the food looks and how easy it is to carry matters a lot. Many like having their food while out and about. So, food trucks need to have food that’s easy to take with you.

In the end, food trucks that keep up with what people want will do well. By changing their ways to meet new tastes and needs, they can stay ahead. This is important in the fast-growing food truck world.

What are the trends in sales for the food truck industry?

The food truck sales trends show strong growth over the last five years. Their popularity has been growing by almost 10% per year. Moving forward, experts predict growth between 3% and 5% for the year 2023. With their steady rise, food trucks look to cross the $2 billion revenue mark by 2030.

The Steady Climb: Industry Growth Analysis

The food truck business is open for anyone to try. No single company holds more than 5% of the market. This means new folks can come in with fresh ideas and do well. Because of this, the industry is full of different foods and new ways of eating.

Tracking Customer Age: A Focus on Youthful Appetites

Over 40% of food truck lovers are under 45. They really like the easy, unique, and affordable food trucks bring. Knowing this, it’s smart for food truck owners to offer what these younger folks like.

Flavors of Favor: Top Cuisine Choices in Food Trucks

Right now, Mexican food is the top pick, followed by Italian. This mix shows customers love different kinds of food. So, if you want to draw more people, focusing on these cuisines can help.

Competition in the Market: The Landscape of Market Share

While the food truck field is growing, there is a lot of struggle. Since no one food truck can rule them all, it’s always changing and full of new ideas. For those thinking of joining or already in, standing out is key to success.


What are the trends in sales for the food truck industry?

The food truck industry in the US is doing well. It has grown by nearly 10% each year. Research shows it will keep growing, by 3%-5% in 2023. By 2030, their sales could be over billion.

How is the industry growing and what are the consumer preferences?

Last year, the food truck industry jumped up by almost 10%. Now, there are over 36,000 food trucks in the US. Younger people, under 45, make up 40% of their customers. Mexican food is really popular, but Italian food is growing the fastest.

How does competition and market share in the industry look like?

The food truck market is wide open, with no one dominating over 5%. That’s good news for new food truck owners. With a good plan and smart marketing, they can do well.

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Food Truck Sales Trends in the Industry | 2023 Update